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Simple, straightforward and secure aims to be different from tradition by adding a twist of fun and frankness to the insurance industry. Our sophisticated team will make sure to drive frankinsure as Taiwan’s #1 online insurance provider.

We do not just protect you and your family. Our website uses industry-leading security practices to ensure that your personal information remains safe

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With, you will also get the chance to experience a new level of service. We want to make buying your car, motorbike, travel or personal accident insurance as memorable as you buying your birthday gift.

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Car Insurance

Protect yourself and your car and assets when you are on the road. We offer a range of insurance plans with driver, passenger, third-party, natural disaster and also compulsory cover. It is quick and easy to get covered, and you can customize your policy to best suit your needs. rewards safe and efficient drivers through Usage-Based Insurance and Pay As You Drive technology. Request a quote today!

Motorbike Insurance

Don't leave for your commute without protecting your motorbike. We understand that everyone is different; you may be an experienced rider with several years no claims, or a young rider looking for first-time insurance. Get in touch with our agents to learn more and let us help you find the coverage you need.

Travel Insurance

Are you taking a trip soon? Taking out travel insurance that adequately covers you for the risks you face when travelling can be the most important thing you do before you leave. Our insurance experts will break down the jargon for you, and help you understand how to best prepare for any uncertainties and risks you may face when overseas. Speak with our agents to learn more.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance protects you and your loved ones in the event that you suffer an accident or disability. Even when you plan well, you can't control the future. Join the family so that you can rest assured that you are prepared for life's uncertainties. Speak with our agents to learn more.

How does work?

There is nothing fancy to it - we use technology to make your life easier:

Step 1

Fill in your details online, or speak to our agents directly, to help us understand your needs and find the right insurance plans

Step 2

We've partnered with Taian Insurance to give you the best coverage at the best price. Customize your policy and we will match you with the coverage that best suits your needs

Step 3

We believe in efficiency and in minimizing paperwork. We'll hold your hands through the process, and we offer a wide range of payment methods to serve you.


If you get into an accident, we recommend that you begin the claiming process within 24 hours of the accident. Contact us at 0809-081345 so that we can help you right away.

Why insurance online?

Simple, fast, no pressure

Most people in Taiwan find out about insurance by talking to relatives and friends, or by meeting with insurance agents. Getting insurance is complicated, time-consuming, and you don't always get clear answers. We want to change the way that people feel about insurance.

Going online helps us serve you better. No matter where you are in Taiwan, no matter what time of the day it is, we use technology to help you find the insurance. It is quick, easy and free.

One-stop shop for all of your insurance needs

With, you will benefit from the highest level of customer service and aftersales service. We use technology to help you save on your insurance premiums, amd you can call or chat with us around the clock if you have any concerns. Get a quote today to get started to see how easy it is - we will be happy to help you along the way.

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